Welcome Rose Green to the Westown Office!

Rose is thrilled that the time has come to “re-start” her real estate career with Coldwell Banker. In 2009, Rose stepped back from a successful real estate sales business in the Chicago residential market to relocate to Des Moines for her husband’s work and to raise her three daughters: Elle, now 8th grade, Margo, 6th grade; and Charlotte, kindergarten.

Rose and her family are proud “old home’ owners in the Waterbury neighborhood on the west side of Des Moines. Rose and her family were grateful to experience “Iowa nice” immediately. This gracious welcome into the DSM community where neighbors became fast friends allowed Rose and her family to quickly immerse themselves in the community. Before long, Iowa truly felt like just the right place for her young family. That is when she decided it was time to obtain her Iowa real estate license and help buyers and sellers settle into the great communities and experience the high quality of life in the Des Moines metro.

Rose loves working with children in her local schools and spending much time outside in the sunshine - gardening or biking the Des Moines trails with her friends and family.

Rose has been amazed by the warm welcome from the Coldwell Banker team along with the exceptional services and support. Rose will work out of the Westown office and can be reached at 515-224-8832 or rose.green@cbdsm.com.

Welcome Amy Meyer to the Ankeny Office!

Amy Meyer has been in real estate since 2014. She has been an Exclusive Buyer's agent, and is looking forward to the opportunity of representing Martie Mendenhall with Creative Building Ventures.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Amy was employed with Nationwide Insurance for 11 years, and held positions in Commercial Ag sales and underwriting.

Amy is married to Nic, has a daughter Stella (4), and two step-sons: Brody (9), and Connor (7).

Coming to Coldwell Banker, Amy says "New construction has always been a dream of mine, and I am very excited about this opportunity!"

Amy can be reached at (515) 822-0171 or amy.meyer@cbdsm.com.


Welcome Kelly to the Northpark Office

Please join me in welcoming Kelly Musgrove to Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group, Realtors®!

Kelly lives in West Des Moines and has two children. Ryan is in his second year at DMACC and plans to transfer to Iowa State to complete his degree in business management. Taryn is a junior at Waukee High School. Keeping up with two teenagers definitely keeps her busy!

She enjoys many activities, but her favorite is running! Kelly has ran two full marathons, including the IMT Des Moines Marathon and many half marathons! She also loves to read, shop and spend time with family & friends!

Kelly is from Manhattan, KS and relocated to the DSM area 15 years ago.  

"What I love most about Des Moines is that we have the big city amenities with the small town feel," Kelly said. "Everyone is so warm and friendly!"

She is excited to start her career with Coldwell Banker as she is a seasoned salesperson and has been a representative with Premier Designs jewelry for 18 years.

"I love the opportunity to meet and serve people," Kelly said. "And I will always strive to make my clients feel important and know they are a priority to me. My goal is to help make their journey of buying or selling a home fun and as stress free as possible."

Kelly can be reached at (515) 554-8016 or kelly.musgrove@cbdsm.com.

Welcome Allison McClure to the Ankeny Office!

Allison comes to us an experienced agent. She has been in real estate since 2015 and was the Des Moines Area Association of Realtors® Rookie of the Year. 

Allison is an Ankeny native who also attended DMAAC. After college she was a preschool teacher before starting her real estate career. She is married to Matt and they have three children - Tate who is 5 years old, Teagan who is 2 and a half years old, and Tenley who is just 5 weeks old.

Her husband, Matt, and father-in-law, Cliff, own Meadowbrook Builders and bring family-owned values and experience to the forefront of every home they build. Allison works closely with them and her clients to ensure a seamless sale of their home and construction of their new home.  

Coming to Coldwell Banker, she says, "I am looking forward to the all the support and the marketing assistance. I was impressed with the digital marketing of the company and am excited to utilize the department to help grow my business."

Allison can be reached at allison.mcclure@cbdsm.com or (515) 339-6335.

Bathroom Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

When you live in a small space, it’s important that every area be organized, functional, and attractive. The bathroom is no exception! Here are some bathroom organization ideas that will work for any living space, large or small.

Organize the Medicine Cabinet

Just because your medicine cabinet is closed doesn’t mean you can’t make it look good! Try to put things into attractive storage containers, rather than leaving them in whatever cardboard container they came in from the drugstore. For cotton swabs, floss, hair ties, and cotton balls, you can use little clear glass jars with lids. Though they should be small enough to fit in most medicine cabinets, you should still be sure to measure before you buy! With these clear containers, everything’s in plain sight, so you’ll be able to see when you’re running low on an item. Plus, they look better since they’re all matching. For items that you don’t want in plain view (like feminine products or miscellaneous makeup), you can use pretty makeup bags like this one from Kate Spade.

Add Storage Containers

Your bathroom may have open shelving. This is great for space-saving, but since it’s out in plain view, it’s especially important to keep it organized. Two bathroom organization ideas for open shelving include:

  • Corralling similar items
  • Using attractive storage containers

What kind of storage containers work well for open bathroom shelving? Use some of these ideas.

  • If you don’t have the space in your medicine cabinet, these clear jars can be used for cotton balls or swabs, and they’ll look great on open shelving or a counter.
  • Multi-sized wicker baskets can hold hairbrushes, curling irons, and other larger items that look best when hidden away. The larger-sized basket can hold toilet paper, paper towels, or cleaning supplies. Remember to measure your space to determine which basket will fit!
  • Another important detail is to cover your tissue box with an attractive tissue holder — no one wants to look at the generic cardboard container that tissues come in! Jonathan Adler has an absolutely stunning option, and West Elm has many more budget-friendly options.

Shower Curtain

Choosing an aesthetically pleasing shower curtain is important, but don’t forget to take into account your shower curtain liner. Many vinyl liners are unhealthy in that the plastic gives off chemicals that are dangerous for the environment and for your health. This is easily fixed by choosing a more eco-friendly and healthy option.

Having an organized and attractive bathroom in any space is easy if you follow these quick tips and pay attention to the small details!

Moved In? Now What? – A Post Move Check List

So, it’s been a few weeks since you moved into your new home. The empty boxes are stacked in corners like miniature Leaning Towers of Pisas and you are missing some key pieces of mail. The moving checklist guided you day by day, but now that the moving storm has subsided, how do you complete the settling in process?

Ready for the best news ever!? Unlike your two-month long moving-in check list, there is a short list of tasks that will not only ensure you don’t miss the next People magazine, but will also help Mother Earth and others in need. Too good to be true? You can thank me later. Follow these five steps and you will forget you ever moved. 

1. Boxes! Boxes!

To truly feel moved in, the first task is to get rid of all the empty moving boxes. So many of us are guilty of just leaving the empty boxes in the garage or attic to gather dust. Instead, be green and save green by asking your moving company if they have a box return program. For instance, NorthStar will give you back 25% of the original cost of their boxes if you return them.

Other ways to reuse boxes is to flatten them and put them out on recycling day or use them for storage of keepsakes, holiday décor and other items you only need on occasion. The most creative and inspirational way to reuse moving boxes is to join the Global Cardboard Challenge to celebrate child creativity!

2. Mail Yourself

Does your mailbox seem light? While you may be thankful to not be getting all of your bills you certainly don’t want to miss a due date. Check in with the post office to make sure they have your mail forwarding service set up correctly. Then send a friendly postcard to yourself, address it to you at your old address and wait and see if it gets forwarded to your new address.

3. Update Your Driver’s License & Consider Becoming a Donor

No one enjoys visiting the DMV and the good news is you don’t have to! You can change your address online. You must report your new address within 30 days of your move to the Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles.
This is also an opportunity to revisit being an organ donor. You can register to become an organ donor on your state’s DMV website as well. The number of donors willing to make organ donations are not growing as quickly as the number of people who need them. 20 people in the United States die each day while waiting for organ and tissue transplants. The number of patients in the U.S. waiting for transplants is currently over 116,000 people. Even more are waiting for much-needed tissue transplants.

While you are on the subject, consider a program to donate your whole body. The organ donor symbol on the back of a driver’s license is different from body donation, they are completely separate programs with entirely different consenting processes. Only 1% of organ donors specify to donate their whole body. There is a great need. You could potentially make a difference in the lives of many people.

4. Survey Your Stuff

After a month of living in your new home you now know what furniture, kitchen tools, artwork and even clothes fit into your new place. Rather than stumbling over the stuff that you don’t need, give it to someone that does need it and will give it a good home.

Create two labels: “donate” and “give to friends & family.” Donate clothing and household items that don’t have sentimental value to your local favorite charity such as Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for someone else to enjoy.

For the items that are sentimental, keep them in the family by giving them to loved ones. But, don’t just hand it to them, throw a party, a reverse housewarming party! Instead of having your friends bring a housewarming gift, ask them to pick one (or more) of your items and take it home with them. This is a great way to reunite with old friends and meet new friends after your move. Your unneeded things will be in a home where you can visit them often.

5. Vote!

There is no “debate” that every American needs to cast their ballot, so it is vital to register to vote. Your voter registration does not move with you. If you move within your existing county, you must complete a new voter registration form to update your new address. If you move to a different county or state, you must re-register with your new county and/or state.

Visit the EAC website to download and print the National Mail Voter Registration Form. Once you have completed the registration form, mail it to the address listed under your state in the “State Instructions.”

See, in just five steps you are now clear of moving remnants and clutter, sipping coffee with your New York Times and are the shining example of being a responsible citizen. Enjoy your new life!